Views of a White Cube

Views of a White Cube is an installation created as part of a group show at the 4bid Gallery in Amsterdam.

For the exhibition, 30 prints on translucid paper were installed on the walls of the gallery. These pictures were only pictures of the space itself and from the different installations created in the space during a whole month of work. The viewer could therefore experience the space in a new way while being confronted with a personal view on it at different moments in time. In doing so, the artist not only wanted to interrogate the many ways in which we look at a space, but also to force the viewer to observe little details we usually don’t pay attention to.

“Views of a White Cube is a journey through the space and time of the gallery in the gallery itself. It is a reflection on memory and on the relationship between the object and its image. It is a personal visual essay about the artist’s process. But Views of a White Cube is first and foremost an ode to the beautiful flaws of the floor…”.